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We have created some short video clips (podcasts) that you can use to review different GIS techniques. Right click the title to download a QuickTime movie "screencast".

  • Symbolization (Graduated Colors) A review of how to symbolize a map layer by unique value, quantity, and how to normalize.
  • Charts and Graphs This video shows how to use pie charts and bar graphs to symbolize a map layer.
  • Queries - Part I Demonstrates a simple and complex query using the attributes of a layer.
  • Queries - Part II This video explains how to do a simple and complex query by location rather than attribute.
  • Adding Attributes A review of how to add an attribute field to an attribute table while preserving the original data. This video also illustrates how to calculate values using existing attributes.
  • Joining Tables Shows how to join attribute tables, the merging of a data table to a layer using a common field.
  • Digitizing This video explains how to digitize features by creating a feature class and using the mouse to outline features.

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